On Saturday, October 1st, 2016, I had a rather unique opportunity to be a photographer for the University of Pittsburgh's Panthers Football game (Pitt vs. Marshall) in preparation of the Homecoming Game next week.

This was a fantastic opportunity to be able to practice my sports photography, as well as to experience the game from the sideline, all while supporting my team.

Experiencing a game from the student section is exciting and gives off one form of energy, but since I stayed on the Pitt sideline the entire time, that was something else. You could feel the energy coming from the players and coaches as they all celebrated each other's plays and were frustrated with some of the ref's calls.

A shout out to the group of girls that had a field pass for the game who let me join them in Sweet Caroline so I didn't have sing it myself, and for celebrating together as the Panthers won yesterday!

Special shout out to the band, who sounded fantastic last night, and of course, the Pitt Panther's football team who pulled off the win that night.

Pitt won 43-27!

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